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Search results for "Home Decor - Lighting"

  • Ocean Blue Candle Lantern

    Ocean Blue Candle Lantern
    Like the deepest depths of the ocean, the azure blues of this candle lamp cast an enchanting aura of peace and tranquility. Simply place a votive inside to crea...(more)

    $9.68 More Details
  • Colonial Candle Lamp

    Colonial Candle Lamp
    Cutouts and glass windows gleam with reflected candlelight in this colonial-style metal candle lamp. Bright burnished finish and a wire hanging loop. Candle not...(more)

    $9.68 More Details
  • Amber Diamond Candle Lantern

    Amber Diamond Candle Lantern
    The fiery orange glow from this exquisite lantern will warm up your room instantly. Light a candle inside and the diamond-patterned glass creates glittering amb...(more)

    $9.68 More Details
  • Small Victorian Lantern

    Small Victorian Lantern
    Imagine your tranquil garden at sunset with elegant lanterns filled with twinkling light. Whether placed alone, or grouped with others, this lamp adds a magical...(more)

    $10.45 More Details
  • RED Glass Star Lantern

    RED Glass Star Lantern
    Star light, star bright; this lantern is an artistic way to beautify candlelight! Patterned glass panels glow richly when lit from within, creating a captivatin...(more)

    $10.45 More Details
  • Moroccan Style Lantern

    Moroccan Style Lantern
    Candlelight can be adventurous when you light the wick of your favorite candle inside this Bold Moroccan Lantern. The multitude of intricate cutout patterns tur...(more)

    $10.45 More Details
  • Green Railway Candle Lamp

    Green Railway Candle Lamp
    Brighten your living space, indoors or outdoors, with a pop of vibrant green and the shimmering shine of candlelight. This charming railroad-style candle lanter...(more)

    $11.43 More Details
  • Purple Railway Candle Lamp

    Purple Railway Candle Lamp
    Brighten your living space, indoors or outdoors, with a pop of vibrant purple and the shimmering shine of candlelight. This charming railroad-style candle lante...(more)

    $11.43 More Details
  • Starlight Candle Lantern

    Starlight Candle Lantern
    This rectangular candle lantern features a dark metal frame and clear glass panels that allow a candle of your choice to shine brightly. The top of the lantern ...(more)

    $11.53 More Details
  • 13176

    Intricate panels cast a haunting halo of dancing candlelight, while a graceful outer shape brings to mind a Moroccan temple tower. A truly spellbinding symbol o...(more)

    $12.21 More Details
  • Clear Glass Star Lantern

    Clear Glass Star Lantern
    Add a candle to this five-pointed star to fill the night with celestial light! Artistic hanging lantern features ornate panels of clearest glass set into a wrou...(more)

    $12.21 More Details
  • Colonial Height Wooden Lantern

    Colonial Height Wooden Lantern
    This wooden candle lantern is the definition of classic country charm. Distressed "X" trim highlights the clear glass panels of this four-sided lanter...(more)

    $12.84 More Details
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