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  • White Tealight Candles Pack OF 10

    White Tealight Candles Pack OF 10
    The perfect lighting accompaniment to just about any candle holder or display. These white candles will make your room shimmer with soft candlelight. Unscented....(more)

    $2.65 More Details
  • Orbital OIL Warmer

    Orbital OIL Warmer
    Your eyes will be positively fixed on this striking and modern oil warmer, while your nose will revel in the pleasing aroma. The glass oil basin harmonizes with...(more)

    $3.30 More Details
  • Modern-Art OIL Warmer

    Modern-Art OIL Warmer
    .Four slender matte-black columns stylishly support a shallow glass oil dish; a tealight gently warms your favorite oil to disperse a subtle fragrance. Simple, ...(more)

    $3.77 More Details
  • Peaceful Buddha OIL Warmer

    Peaceful Buddha OIL Warmer
    Welcome tranquility and aroma into your home with the Peaceful Buddha Oil Warmer. Lift the top to add the scented oil of your choice, and with a candle tucked i...(more)

    $4.05 More Details
  • Teapot OIL Warmer

    Teapot OIL Warmer
    This little teapot hides an aromatic secret: its not just a charming ceramic decoration! Lift the lid to uncover a basin that's ready for the scented oil of you...(more)

    $4.13 More Details
  • White Tear Drop OIL Warmer

    White Tear Drop OIL Warmer
    With a generous dollop of charm, this striking oil warmer will mesmerize you with its simple elegance. A metal loop balances the ceramic oil basin above a seate...(more)

    $4.40 More Details
  • Tear Drop OIL Warmer

    Tear Drop OIL Warmer
    Folk art fanatics, here's a treat for you! A moss-green ceramic teardrop holds a generous dollop of scented oil; with a candles warmth, a long-lasting fragrance...(more)

    $4.40 More Details
  • Swirl OIL Warmer

    Swirl OIL Warmer
    Fascinating swirls of gleaming sculpted silver come together in a masterpiece of modern art, supporting a sleek glass dish above a candles golden flame. More th...(more)

    $4.40 More Details
  • Spiral OIL Warmer

    Spiral OIL Warmer
    A graceful spiral base supports a clear glass oil dish, along with a warming tealight below. Just add a few drops of fragrant oil for a gently scented glow! Tea...(more)

    $4.55 More Details
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