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Japanese Inspired Hotel in San Francisco California

Designed by interior design and branding firm MARKZEFF, the Hotel Kabuki  Joie de Vivre recently joined the World of Hyatt is inspired by Japanese influences. nterior renovation on an existing hotel... The post Japanese Inspired Hotel in San Francisco California appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Dramatic Contemporary Interiors

The thrill of entering a good interior, a chic interior, is an intoxicating experience. At PROjECT, an interior is abiography—you right now; and you, the compilation album murmured in objects, belted out in colors and textures. The post Dramatic Contemporary Interiors appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Chrissy Tiger’s Cravings Collection for Target

Turns out the secret to entertaining like Chrissy Teigen is just a Target run—or click—away! That’s right: The model, cookbook author and mom of two launched the Cravings by Chrissy... The post Chrissy Tiger’s Cravings Collection for Target appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Traditional A Frame Home With Contemporary Style

The brief to GSQUARED was to create a simple traditionally inspired home in hardwearing materials, and neutral colours. The architect took on this challenge by creating an H-plan layout with a... The post Traditional A Frame Home With Contemporary Style appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Part apartment Part Showroom With an Aesthetic that is Distinctly Melbourne

Beneath the historic beams of an iconic Collingwood warehouse in the famed Foy & Gibson precinct is the Melbourne home of Fred International designed by Angela Harry. The brief was... The post Part apartment Part Showroom With an Aesthetic that is Distinctly Melbourne appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Contemporary Interiors With Soul

AGUSHI is a boutique residential building company that has established itself as a leading builder of contemporary homes in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Contemporary architecture and interior design is their passion... The post Contemporary Interiors With Soul appeared first on Decoholic. ...

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  • Moroccan Lace Stool

    Moroccan Lace Stool
    Looking for a glamorous room accent with serious wow factor? This is it! The marvelous Moroccan Decorative Stool features an intricate and dazzling pattern and ...(more)

    $77.42 More Details
  • Ivory Faceted Ceramic Stool

    Ivory Faceted Ceramic Stool
    Chic and cool! This beautiful ceramic stool works in any room and can even be used outdoors. Whether used for display, as a foot stool, or extra seating when gu...(more)

    $105.36 More Details
  • 10016190

    This pure white wooden stool, with a dash of romance built into the curved legs, is topped with a gorgeous cushion that will complement your room. The fabric fe...(more)

    $70.21 More Details
  • Alma Stool

    Alma Stool
    There's a lot of luxury packed into this foot stool! The beautiful and intricate carving on the base is regal, and the suede-like neutral upholstery will make t...(more)

    $87.78 More Details
  • Free AS A Bird Stool

    Free AS A Bird Stool
    Give this adorable stool a permanent home and delight as the compliments flock to you! This metal-framed stool features three colorful bird statuettes, and the ...(more)

    $92.19 More Details
  • Chic Chevron Stool

    Chic Chevron Stool
    Go bold! This dramatic stool is designed to add a dose of color and a splash of dynamic style to your room. The openwork iron frame features a fantastic design ...(more)

    $92.19 More Details
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