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Indie Home Interiors

Indie Home Collective is a modern interiors/lifestyle concept store at Auckland, with an organic eclectic twist. Both the physical and online stores are a collection of interesting pieces styled against... The post Indie Home Interiors appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Calm and Inviting Apartment In Barcelona

Katty Schiebeck, designer of interiors settled in Barcelona, is considered one of the youngest promises of the present interiorism. The apartments that she designs appear in magazines of the whole... The post Calm and Inviting Apartment In Barcelona appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Industrial Meets Deco In This Kitchen Design

Karlie & Will’s ‘In-deco’ kitchen design by freedom kitchens, sees the perfect balance between modern industrial with influences of Art Deco. A feature timber look blockout in Rural Oak frames... The post Industrial Meets Deco In This Kitchen Design appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Parisian Apartment With Character

At the foot of Montmartre, Tristan Auer has imagined for himself and his family an audacious duplex where vintage references, personal creations and French neoclassical sculptures coexist. The post Parisian Apartment With Character appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Wonderful Wallpaper Designs For Your Home

Wallpaper is a great way to add beauty and character to your room. Check out these amazing wallpaper designs by TapetShow.   You can find this Dark Vintage Floral Wallpaper... The post Wonderful Wallpaper Designs For Your Home appeared first on Decoholic. ...

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse

  This townhouse was re-invented through a collaboration of an inspired client vision, and a creative architectural realization with MSA for a family relocating to New York from France. The renovation dramatically... The post Brooklyn Heights Townhouse appeared first on Decoholic. ...

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  • Moroccan Lace Stool

    Moroccan Lace Stool
    Looking for a glamorous room accent with serious wow factor? This is it! The marvelous Moroccan Decorative Stool features an intricate and dazzling pattern and ...(more)

    $77.42 More Details
  • Ivory Faceted Ceramic Stool

    Ivory Faceted Ceramic Stool
    Chic and cool! This beautiful ceramic stool works in any room and can even be used outdoors. Whether used for display, as a foot stool, or extra seating when gu...(more)

    $105.36 More Details
  • 10016190

    This pure white wooden stool, with a dash of romance built into the curved legs, is topped with a gorgeous cushion that will complement your room. The fabric fe...(more)

    $70.21 More Details
  • Alma Stool

    Alma Stool
    There's a lot of luxury packed into this foot stool! The beautiful and intricate carving on the base is regal, and the suede-like neutral upholstery will make t...(more)

    $87.78 More Details
  • Free AS A Bird Stool

    Free AS A Bird Stool
    Give this adorable stool a permanent home and delight as the compliments flock to you! This metal-framed stool features three colorful bird statuettes, and the ...(more)

    $92.19 More Details
  • Chic Chevron Stool

    Chic Chevron Stool
    Go bold! This dramatic stool is designed to add a dose of color and a splash of dynamic style to your room. The openwork iron frame features a fantastic design ...(more)

    $92.19 More Details
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