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Chaps & Co., Dubai

Men’s grooming is a growth segment and barbershops have kept popping up daily for several years.  And while stylish men’s full-service spas are not yet as common as the fairly sterile unisex spas and decidedly feminine women’s spas, there are signs of significant growth in bigger cities, and the competition is heating up.  We have […] The post Chaps & Co., Dubai appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...

SPINE Rooftop Lounge, Waterfront City, Beirut, Lebanon

Perched on top of one of the area’s tallest buildings (G1 Rodeo Drive on Naccache Seaside Rd.) the SPINE lounge opened in June and has quickly become one of Beirut’s hottest places to be seen. About 300 of the city’s coolest, well-to-do movers and shakers, artists and celebrities show up at cocktail hour, stay for […] The post SPINE Rooftop Lounge, Waterfront City, Beirut, Lebanon appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...

Chez Claire éclair Boutique, Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium

If you believe Belgian entrepreneurs Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde, cupcakes are a thing of the past as are macaroons. They are betting on their favourite sweet thing: éclairs. In their two Chez Claire boutiques – in Antwerp and Ghent – the two are set to elevate their tasty grandma-made childhood treat from its current lowly, […] The post Chez Claire éclair Boutique, Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...

Harbook bookstore, Hangzhou, China

Once again, we find ourselves admiring arches. In Harbook bookstore in Hangzhou, China, Alberto Caiola Design has given arches multiple roles. Here, arches function as space dividers, visual eye-catchers, book displays, cash desks, modern statements and historical reminders. The 600 square-metre (6,458 sq. ft) open space is loosely divided into a bookstore, café and a furniture […] The post Harbook bookstore, Hangzhou, China appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...

Crystal Cordless Lamps

LED-lights have come a long way from the initial, ugly units emitting a dead light. Now we are seeing sophisticated restaurants, hotels, stores and homes use small, stylish LED lights to romance a table setting or to create startling illumination.  Our cordless, solid-glass lights are hand-crafted in Japan. They’ve become the cool individual table light of choice […] The post Crystal Cordless Lamps appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...

XYZ Lounge, Zeebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium

In Ghent’s storied Zebrastraat complex, Paris-based architect and artist Didier Fiúza Faustino has created an intriguing bar-entrance area that is a surprisingly harmonious mix of slightly brutalist elements in strawberry ice cream hues. The pink colour, an open plan, geometric wall patterns, exposed pipes and pink marble are prominent in the high-ceilinged central hall with the bar […] The post XYZ Lounge, Zeebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium appeared first on The Cool Hunter. ...